Explore our kitchen & dining room transformations

The kitchen is the heart of your home, and it deserves all your love and care. Kitchen remodeling projects are some of our favorite ones here at Professional Rebuilding And Renovations, LLC—there are few things more exciting than the prospect of a brand-new kitchen!

When it comes to kitchen renovations, we have a straightforward approach: it should feel warm and welcoming. We understand that most families start and end their days in the kitchen as a family. It’s where you catch up with your loved ones after a long tiring day at work, and it’s also the loudest and most lively space during the holidays. Needless to say, when remodeling kitchens, we aim to create magic!

Kitchen renovations are more than just about choosing the perfect countertop and cabinets; from plumbing to lighting, flooring, and other specifics, there’s a lot to consider, choose and decide. With Maryland’s leading renovation experts by your side, these decisions will be easier than ever. We use our years of practical experience, technical expertise, and insight to make practical, aesthetically pleasing suggestions that are within your budget.

Whether it’s a complete kitchen transformation or a small improvement project to make your kitchen look and feel new, our kitchen remodeling experts in Bowie, MD, will help bring your vision and ideas to life!

Our Cabinet Brands:

We are a distributor for the full of products from Crystal Cabinetry.  Crystal Cabinet Works continues the tradition of fine custom cabinet making.

Professional Building & Renovations Inc. is a distributor for the Aspect, Shiloh, and Eclipse cabinet lines from W.W. Wood Products. Feel free to browse their product lines to shop for cabinets.